A Pool-3.1 Proposal

As an experiment I think it would be interesting to have a pool 4 or 3.1 (depending on everyone’s opinion) that is a sig holding pool with fiat or crypto backing (again depending on everyone’s thoughts).

The mechanics of the pool would operate similar to a dex liquidity pool for dividends paid out with a unique exception of having the staker be able to choose the currency of payout. This could be made possible by a dedicated community of, SIG holding, day traders staked in said pool.

If a dedicated forum is created for discussing how the pooled SIG should be liquidated and reinvested we could collectively “trade up”(next paragraph) our initial liquidity and have the profits sitting in a reserve of a community selected asset (BTC, XRP, ETH, USDC, etc… again depending on community thoughts) as the backing for SIG. This would also allow SIG to be purchased directly from the pool (3.1 or 4) on the Xsigma website.

For example, if there are 100000 sig staked in this hypothetical pool it would have a value of ~1.8 BTC when I’m writing this. If the pool were to liquidate 1/2 of the SIG into BTC and the BTC were then held in cold storage there would be 50000 SIG locked at a minimum value of ~1800 Satoshi the locked SIG would be able to be bought from the website and sold back to the pool at the current locked price, in order to prevent pool draining I think members should have a pre-determined amount of SIG staked to use this service . If the pool specific DAO/forum is able to invest 1/2 of the BTC (for this example) wisely and turn 0.9 BTC into 1 BTC then the “locked value” of SIG goes from 1800 sat to 2000 sat. If we can continue this trend SIG could theoretically become more valuable than BTC.

Like I said this would be a completely experimental pool but I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the idea. Especially those of you who make a living off of cryptocurrency. Please feel free to ask questions because I know this probably sounds like an abstract concept and I know I left a lot to be desired in my description.

Love the concept. Having the ability to buy SIG without going through a normal exchange is a great idea and having some Bitcoin in the reserve gets my attention.
I want to buy more SIG but dread the fees because I can only purchase $200-500 at a time.

This is something I could support when the specifics are ironed out. I am currently in all three pools.

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Everything would ultimately depend on the community deciding what it wants to do with the pool. You say once the specifics are ironed out and I feel like the whole purpose of discussions like these is to iron out specifics.
For me personally I would want the “investment DAO” for the pool to be able to have any staker make suggestions and be open to criticism or alterations to their ideas. That’s what I’m attempting to do with this pool proposal. I’m sorry if I sometimes come across aggressive or hypercritical, it really is just genuine excitement.
All that being said, what specifics do you have questions about? I tried to give a broad explanation in my proposal so that we can all sus out the nitty gritty together, but I do have a pretty good idea of how I see this happening if you have specific questions.