Polkadot Eco System - Inter operability

I would like to open the discussion around aiming to become one of the first stablecoin dex that can claim to be truly interoperable.

Polkadot and Kusama are launching Parachain auctions which would open the door to a new multi chain world. This would give X-sigma access to other blockchains through the Polkadot eco system.

We need to partner with Moonbeam who is a Ethereum Smart Contract This will allow X-Sgma to expand to new blockchains. A multichain strategy makes good commercial sense as Moonbeam gives projects the easiest path to multi chain:

Minimal configuration changes - No need to rewrite or reconfigure your smart contracts. They’ll work right away.

Tools you already use- Use ethereum based tools you love like Truffle, MetaMask, Remix and Hardhat.

Familiar smart contract languages- Support for solidity, vyper and anything that complies with EVM byte code

Pre built integrations - for assets like DOT and ERC-20’s and infrastructure services like chainlink and the graph

This would increase awareness of X-sigma and expand our community and increase the demand of the X-Sigma Sig token which will drive up the value of the Sig token.


+1 I would vote for this.

I think that this is worth the dev team researching. In my opinion pairing with other preselected blockchains does not count as interoperability. If polkadot interoperability is your main goal you should probably join a project with better public outreach, I don’t think that xsigma bodes well as a consumer blockchain nor do I think that is their goal. For industrial/business application I think xsigma already has a foot in the door via zkin and the devs don’t seem to worry to much about retail nor should they in my opinion. If you are posting this you have at least 10000 (exempting multipliers) sig so I would recommend going and finding a more “hyped” project with your spare liquidity. Ultimately dynamic interoperability accross different asset classes both virtual (supply chain blockchains, virtual real estate) and traditional finance investments (stock, etf, ira)
There are protocols like unmarshal that could be valuable partners for what would be a valuable tool
If the developers can manage to integrate a kyc protocol linked to their xsigma nft market it could possibly move more towards what your proposal seems to be asking for.

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I believe anyone can post a topic on these forums. You don’t need 10,000 SIG for that. You only need 10,000 SIG to start the voting proposal. @Eric_Zack

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I am merely posing a question or provoking a debate with the senior team at this stage. Obviously if it was demonstrated that there is a better option I’m all ears. @Eric_Zack obviously you are a moderator and have your opinion about another route. Why don’t you elaborate instead of making an assumption of my motives. I understand that we are a community and we are in it together for the project to succeed are we not?..

Zkin is listed on NASDAQ to increase returns for its shareholders and that includes a rise in the value of Sig I presume?

The community guidelines does state clearly ‘be kind to your fellow community members’…suggesting that I go elsewhere with my spare liquidity in my mind at least goes against the ethos of a DAO?

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@tbk176 I don’t think Eric is a moderator. Where did you get that info from? His profile just shows him as a “basic user.”

Thanks for pointing that out. When I highlighted his name to tag him - moderator appeared next to his name It doesn’t any more.

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I’m sorry if I came off as aggressive, I am not trying to. I am simply sharing my opinion on your proposal. I am not telling you to do anything, you are free to make your own decisions. I suggest to look into other protocols from what I can tell, you seem to be looking for maximum capital gains. I don’t see what real world utility this proposal adds to xsigma, perhaps you could elaborate?

Thank you, I realize that this is only a forum and I shouldn’t assume you or anybody else of creating an actual proposal on the xsigma dao just because you post an idea here. I do think interoperability is a good idea, I just also think that it is an idea that should be discussed after xsigma has a fully formed and widely used utility in the real world.

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