Welcome to xSigma Governance Forum

What’s going on?

As a first step towards decentralization, according to our roadmap, xSigma has launched this forum for user discussion of xSigma improvement proposals. Proposal voting will take place on the https://snapshot.org/ blockchain voting platform. This platform brings transparency and verifiability to the voting process.

Here, SIG holders can propose changes to xSigma DEX and post feedback on other proposals. When the proposal has taken its full form, anyone with 10,000 SIG (including staked in any pools) can create a voting proposal on a Snapshot page. SIG holders will then vote on it.

Voting doesn’t consume any gas, so it’s free. There’s also no minimum limit on how much SIG you hold or have staked in any of the pools. Every vote matters.

How to create a proposal?

  1. Create a discussion on https://forum.xsigma.fi
  2. Describe system changes in detail
  3. Gather feedback from the community to improve your proposal
  4. If the discussion is supported by the community, a snapshot vote can be created by any major SIG holder: https://vote.xsigma.fi/
  5. When SIG users vote on Snapshot, the voting power is calculated as follows:
  • For SIG holders, the multiplier is x1
  • For SIG staked in pool 2 (SIG/ETH), the multiplier is x5
  • For SIG staked in pool 3 (SIG), the multiplier is x2
  1. Outcome is determined by which option has the most votes, taking into account the voting power multiplier
  2. There is a minimum quorum that needs to be reached of 5% of SIG holders for the proposal to qualify


To kick off the discussion, we have created the first proposal as a way to test the waters and see how the community works together.

Join this topic to discuss: XIP1: Double Pool 3 Rewards