XIP1: Double Pool 3 rewards

xSigma DEX Improvement Proposal #1

This is the very first proposal we created to test and see how the community works together. It’s best for everyone involved in project to provide valuable decisions by voting power. In our first proposal, let’s vote to increase Pool 3 rewards for a 4 weeks and give it x2 bonus!

Pool 3 is a pool only for SIG holders. It is created to incentivize holding SIG. Currently, it has an APR of 27%

As of 12th May, the pool reward allocation is 2% of the full mint amount.
i.e. from every 8.75 SIG minted each block the pool 3 receives 0.175 SIG.

The proposal is to double it, setting it to 4%

You can check pool 3 here: xSigma DEX
For detailed stats, visit: xSigma DEX

We intentionally leave the proposal with less data to encourage active participation on the discussion.


Where Will the aditional sig come from?
Will the other Pools get less sig allocation?


Perhaps increase all pools by some percentage.

POOL 1 = +10%
POOL 2 = +50%
POOL 3 = +100%


great question. As it just for 4 weeks, it will come from growth fund.

Yes, please for all pools

I would vote for it.
But I didn’t get it how to set up the vote and how to prove that I am an LP (pool 2) and also staking on pool 3. Maybe wrong place to ask, but perhaps someone could answer me? :slight_smile:

I agree with a point made earlier let’s increase rewards for all 3 pools.
Pool 1 = x2
Pool 2 = x 2
Pool 3 =x2

Hi Alex, wouldn’t it be better to apply the x2 bonus to the new upcoming time-lock SIG pools as sort of a promotional activity?

I think promoting the new upcoming pools with a temporary x2 bonus would help bring in a lot of new users to SIG and for them to stay long term.

This promotional activity worked when we had 2x and 1.5x bonuses at SIG’s beginning, but people began to dump and leave once the bonuses ended. I believe pairing the x2 bonus with the time-lock pools will help people stay long term and open up to SIG’s potential.


@Eric_Zack jwbrbth? What…? If you have better ideas for requests then please contribute them yourself on these forums. You only need 10k SIG to start a voting proposal, anyone can post on the forums.

@Eric_Zack again is proving to be hostile and antagonistic again not befitting of a moderator.

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I understand you purposely did not add details to the proposal, but I think adding a statement there to remind people to visit the forum (with the link) for additional information would go a long way.

I fully agree with you. Who doesn’t want more rewards hehe? I think it would further help us an increase in rewards (in Pool3) with a lock for a period of time. All this coupled with advertising to attract new investors and draw attention to the topic. I don’t think a higher reward in Pool 1 and 2 is a good way to do it. 40% APY in Pool 1 for zero risk is incredibly high. I don’t think anyone else can keep up here and would I be able to do something like that lower. The most important thing is to draw new investors’ attention to this project through skilful marketing with incentives but this is gradually coming


That would cause a very big supply injection into the market. Maybe a more sensible approach would be increasing pool 2&3 by 10-30% while decreasing pool 1 (makes no sense for it to stay above market rate)